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We are focused on creating within the intersection of art, insight and understanding.

Conceived as a twenty-first century altier, The Fountain Insight Studio™ is a network of creative professionals united to create for the public good.Our studio cultivates good people with great ideas. Our creative family consists of visual artists, writers, musicians, developers, inventors, philosophers, dancers and free thinkers. Our mission is to create products and services that educate and create opportunities for positive participation in global culture. We believe that good people and great ideas can change the world.


How to Contact / Work with us

For General Questions

For general questions about either our services or projects, please use the form below to send us a quick line and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Formal Project Request

So you’ve browsed the site and decided we’re the ones for you right? I bet you’re asking yourself “what’s the next step?”. The next step is to fill out this short form and we’ll have a representative call you to set up a meeting with you and our team.

Project Rates


Working With us

The Fountain Insight Studio is available for a variety of projects but we give preference to those that are in some way created for the public good.

Design Inernship

The Fountain Insight Studio is currently looking for talented design interns!


Principal Members

Anthony Howard, Owner / Founder / Lead Creative Technologist (x101)

Eric Ockimey, Partner / Art Director (x104)

Eric Bobo, Partner / Visual Director (x105)

Everett Saunders, Partner / Soundscape Director (x102)

Zachary Crawford, Partner/ Copywriter (x103)


T: (866) 573-0649
F: (866) 573-0649
E: info@thefountainiss.com

2233 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132

New York
T: (866) 573-0649
F: (866) 573-0649
E: info@thefountainiss.com

218 West 138th Street (2nd Floor)
New York, NY 10030

The Fountain Insight Studio believes that if you create a studio with clear artistic principals paired with an efficient production process, the things you can create are limitless.

We believe that we have created that studio.

01. We Think. Design. Develop. Build. Brand.

02. We participate in Creative Investment

03. We develop products + services

  1. 01. We Think. Design. Develop. Build. Brand.

    Our thinking, our approach to thinking, is what informs everything that comes out of our studio. We believe that everything starts from a pencil and a piece of paper. Drawing is a form of thinking because it's the most direct way that we can show the process of thought made real.

    This is drummed into the heads of every member of the Fountain Insight Studio. Every intern, designer, sales representative and developer is required to cultivate this skill. It allows all of us to communicate on the same level. It's not about technical proficiency but about learning how to communicate simply.

    The other parts of our process flow from this. We look at technology as another brush or pencil in our toolbox. All great expression, digital or otherwise, comes from a solid point of view and determined execution.

    A clear and purposeful plan, passion, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of great projects.

  2. 02. We participate in Creative Investment

    Working with likeminded organizations, such as Jill Scott's Blues Babe Foundation and Aisha Winfield's Jr. Music Executive, We create spaces for creative individuals to flourish. We also host a variety of classes for high school and college students focused on new media technologies and intellectual innovation. Our Blue Box Studio Acts as a gallery, event and group work space.

    Our Wellspring Project is geared toward media arts education. All of our instructional material is project-focused. We have students work in teams to develop their individual strengths. Our upcoming projects clubs are our Jr. Mad Men Club (advertising and design education) & Quest Qlub (geared toward programming and game design).

    The Fountain Insight Studio also believes in being a catalyst for change so we've created the Ave Arts North Society to promote redevelopment and cultivation of the arts in Philadelphia's inner cities.

  3. 03. We develop products + services

    In addition to producing evocative and stimulating work for our clients, the Fountain Insight Studio also produces a variety of it's own products an service. Using the same disciplinez that we use for our client projects, we craft projects that fill a need in society.

    For the Health Care and educational arenas, we're developing a suite of apps specifically designed to help healers and educators better interact with their patients and students.

    We also develop cutting-edge print and digital publications geared for a variety of audiences.

    Our upcoming Bigheaded Geniuses Clothing line was created to inspired and delight.

The Wellspring Project


The WellSpring Program is a STEM based Media Art education program created by the Fountain Insight Studio. The goal of the program is to train talented high-school age students in the fields of programming, advertising and design.
Located in the heart of Philadelphia, The Wellspring program is reaching a range of students that may have never considered advertising or design as a future profession.



Summer 2014 Immersions

INSTRUCTOR : Eric Ockimey
Students will be given hands-on instruction in concepts such as Imagination, Subject Matter, Sources of Inspiration, Research and how all these elements relate to the artistic process. This will be a fun but intensive exploration of the students abilities and instincts as creative people. More focused on creative thinking than technique, this art exploration sets the groundwork for principals that each artist can use their entire creative life.
Sign-up and Pricing Coming Soon.
INSTRUCTOR: Anthony Howard
Quest Qlub is all about the future and how to develop technologies that help make the world a better place. This club is broken into 4 segments. Each segment focused on developing particular skill sets. Graphic User Interface Design, HTML5, JavaScript, and Android Developer are some of the tools they will have an opportunity to learn. Each student will complete a fully realized Web App before completing the program.
Sign-up and Pricing Coming Soon.

INSTRUCTOR: Anthony Howard
This is class if for the Mad Men and Women of the future. Beginning classes will deal with psychology and the art of persuasion as well as the history of Advertising. Mid level class will be more hands on with students learning how to develop ideas and present them to an audience. Advance classes will have students pitching their own ideas to businesses in their communities. Sign-up and Pricing Coming Soon.

Important Documents


Creative Director Notes

Summer Program information is on it’s way!

Year Round Workshops

History of Advertising

Online : Starting in Feb

How to think creatively

Online : Starting in Feb

Designing with WordPress

Studio Class: Starting in June

Drawing from Life

Studio Class: Starting in April

HTML5 and CSS of Noobs

Studio Class: Starting in May

More information about our Immersions


Ad Club

Our Ad Club focuses on teaching our advance students how advertising works and how to find their role in the industry. We focus on design and execution of projects with student being able to adjust their roles per project. The goal is that students get a taste of life in a real agency. Working with local ad agencies, students will be able to shadow real professionals at work.


The Quest Qlub

The Quest Qlub is all about pushing the boundaries of digital. In addition to gaining proficiency in traditional tools we will also explore the rise of emerging tools such as Google Glass and Emotiv’s Epoch Headset. For students seeking a Code Intensive course.

Training Better Creatives by Anthony Tyrone Howard, Creative Director and Founder.


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02. Philadelphia Hip-hop Legacy

03. Jr Music Exec

04. The Blues Babe Foundation

05. The Fountain Magazine

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Forward is our studio meditation. It’s our way message to each other, an unspoken rule of conduct. We all agree that whatever we do as an organization would be focused on moving our society and the world forward into a new spirit of prosperity and enlightenment.


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